The Parrot Heads like to have fun, but even more, we enjoy volunteering at community events and raising funds for local organzations.

We have supported many charities over the years by volunteering thousands of hours and several thousand dollars.

Each year, our club votes on the charties our members would like to support.  If you would like to be included in our selection for charities, please email with your information.

What has the Phlock been up to?

​"Party with a Purpose"


Rescue Mission Benefit
The Parrot Heads held a fundraiser at the Blue Ridge Vineyards and raised $1000 for Roanoke Rescue Mission. 

Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway
As part of our ecology requirements, the Parrot Heads of the Blue Ridge mowed and collected trash at the Roanoke River Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Wright's Fight

The Parrot Heads joined with the Blue Ridge Vineyards in a fundraiser for an  injured Eagle Rock firefighter. $5000 was raised for a family in need.